Hello, and thanks for responding to our Craigslist posting regarding selling our live transfer debt leads.


  We're a Pay Per Call marketing company specializing in live transfer debt leads.  We generate calls from 2 large, excellent U.S. based call centers.  These call centers call and qualify customers then forward these prospects to our debt company clients.  


   All our live debt transfers meet these requirements:


   *  Callers owe a minimum of $10,000

   *  Callers know they are connecting to a live debt counselor

   *  Debt companies pay for calls in advance

   *  We have 25 - 50 call test campaigns which we can conduct within 2 days

   *  We record every call to help our advertisers train their debt counselors

   *  We provide debt companies with call reporting so they can track their call activity in real time

   *  We provide our debt companies with complete details on every caller 

   *  We provide scripts and complete training


   These are_the_ most effective hot transfer calls available anywhere and debt companies love them!

Talking to qualified, pre-screened prospects produce far higher conversion rates and are way more effective!


   *  More and more people are falling behind on their credit card debt

   *  The mortgage mess means they can no longer pull money out of their homes

   *  The cost of everything is going up and living expenses are at an all time high

   *  Credit card companies are clamping down and demanding payment

   *  The worse the economy gets the better the debt companies do!


  We're looking for a mature, focused, experienced sales PROFESSIONAL to call the hundreds of debt companies that want more customers and more business and tell them about our live leads.  We are only interested in debt companies that want 50 - 100 calls a day, and there are plenty of them out there.  We pay you $2 per call for as long as the client stays with us, and 2 good clients will earn you $8,000 per month.


   If interested AND QUALIFIED please email me with your background, experience and contact information in complete confidence.  I'll be glad to tell you all abut this great opportunity!


Best regards,


Michael Banks

email:   mbanks@valueleads dot com