Here are the three greatest little charging devices on the market today - the Clip Cable, the Swap Charger and the Jumper Card!

We've all been lugging around charge bricks and tangled up charging cables for years, but no more - they aren't necessary now that these handy little chargers are here.

Following are details of our three mini chargers. All have been throughly vetted and approved by some of the savviest tech pros in the business, and our testimonials confirm their value and appeal

Clip Cable Dual Charger

Here's the great little Clip Cable Dual Charger - the world's smallest and most convenient cable for charging and syncing your phone and transferring your data. It's called the Dual Charger because it works with BOTH Lightning and Micro USB connectors! Super easy to use, just plug the USB into a power source, the other end into your phone and you're ready to charge your phone and transfer your data as fast as a computer or battery pack. Its magnetic clasp keeps it folded, firmly in place and out of the way when not in use.

Swap Charger

The Swap Charger is another mini cable you carry on your keychain that transfers power to or from another phone. This nifty little device allows you to get a charge or give one to any phone you may be near. When the power on your phone is getting low just plug into another phone and top off your battery. Mobile devices are all around us, and every one is a potential power source. Never worry about running out of juice again!

Jumper Card

Here's the Jumper Card - a portable battery, data-storage and transfer cable that lets you charge your phone and other devices from any USB port or its own battery.

Only ΒΌ" thick and about the size of a credit card, the Jumper Card battery holds about an hour of power, so if your phone begins to fade, you'll have enough juice to continue making calls, do your email and transfer data. It includes a TF Slot for your SD Card so you can upload your resume, website, photos, videos, files and other important data to keep with you. Load it up with your company's info, products and pics and give it away as a premium gift to your clients and customers!

Here are three short videos that show you how these great little chargers work

Instead of selling the same things your competitors are selling, why not offer your market something new? Buyers love the Clip Cable, Swap Charger and the Jumper Card. They're new, different, work great, and are priced right. Get in touch and let us tell you how you can turn these great little products into great big profits!

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