Thanks for responding to my Craigslist post: “Seeking Experienced Entrepreneur”

I’m developing a drone called the Combat Hawk Battle Drone which allows gamer drone pilots to engage in aerial dog fighting using infrared technology.

Pitch deck at: www.combathawks.net - password: tango. Disregard the ‘investor’ reference - I’m not looking for an investor.

I’m looking for a seasoned, successful, accomplished entrepreneur who sees the ground floor potential of developing this new gamer venue and has the time, interest and _focus_ to help make it happen. I’ve done the research - the market is there.

My goal is to introduce the Combat HawkBattle Drone to the world with a Kickstarter campaign then present it to the Shark Tank, similar to a drone called the XPlus one. This simple camera drone generated $143,400 on a Kickstarter campaign, https://bit.ly/3mzlan0 , then attracted $1.5M on Shark Tank - https://bit.ly/3nzVBUa. All 5 Sharks went in on it - notice their excitement and enthusiasm.

The XPlusOne was just a camera drone - the Combat Hawk appeals to a much larger market.

Please no hopers, dreamers or wanna-be’s - I’m looking for an intelligent, dependable business professional.

If interested please send background and contact information in strict confidence and let’s see if there’s a fit.

Best regards,

Earl Brown
ebrown [at] sky44.com