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Site Tracker Gives you

  • The identity of the businesses who visit your website.
  • Their name, address, and phone number.
  • Where they came from.
  • Which products or services they were interested in.
  • The time spent on each page.

Site Tracker Gives You Valuable Leads, Not Data Logs!

Our powerful technology turns your site into a Lead Generation Machine that converts business visitors into hot, interested prospects! Target the buyers who are seeking your products.

Site Tracker is designed for sales and for generating leads. What we do is:

  • Identify business visitors
  • What they are interested in
  • Send you their phone number
  • Provides other key data about your prospect
  • You receive a detailed profile by email

Site Tracker turns business people who visit your site but don't fill out your Contact form you into hot prospects! On average, 95% of site visitors leave without filling out a Contact form or calling you, usually because they don't immediately see what they're looking for. It's easy to click away! We capture the contact information of your site visitors who leave for whatever reason, giving you a way to contact them. They're obviously interested in your products or they wouldn't have taken the time to visit your site in the first place!

Stop wasting 95% of your Pay Per Click Ad Budget! CALL TODAY!

You spend serious money getting interested prospects to your site - now here's a way to contact them. Just because your site visitors leave doesn't mean they're not bonafide, interested leads. They are, and that's where we come in! Site Tracker provides contact info on a large percentage of your visitors even if they don't fill out your contact form. You can then connect with them, make sales and close deals!

ow It Works

It's Like 'Caller ID' for your Website!

In Sales, Timing is Everything. Getting to prospects and letting them know about your products when they're in the research phase greatly increases your chances of closing the deal.

It's Simple. It doesn't require your visitors to do anything, such as login or register.

Lead Data and Quality. Name, address, phone - all fully integrated and displayed in your Site Tracker email with nothing more to buy. We know you're only looking for business buyers - our technology filters out consumers.

Pricing. Because of our advanced technology and data management, we're able to bring you proven prospects for a fraction of what you'd usually pay for fresh, qualified leads. A business person taking the time to visit your site and check out your products and services is THE most valuable, most interested lead of all!

Give us a call today and let one of our friendly sales reps answer any questions and tell you about our no-obligation 14- day free trial offer. It's quick to setup, and you can start receiving the best leads of all - qualified, interested prospects who have already seen your site, your products and your services!

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