I want to sell these ADULT BUSINESS ASSETS:

1.   -  domain and web site. The LOVEGIRL Sex Emporium. Great looking site featuring the best adult content on the web. Profit share with sites that supply great adult content and eliminate the hassle of production, management, maintenance & updating and still net 50% - 70%.

2.   -  domain and web site. There are 7 MILLION gay adult sites online now and thousands more jumping online every day. What do they _all_ need? M-A-R-K-E-T-I-N-G ! There are plenty of adult marketing companies, but very few that specialize in gay adult sites. Go to Google, Alta Vista, Yahoo etc. and enter 'gay adult marketing' and you'll see what I mean. You'll also see www.gayadultmarketing usually on the first page!

3.   -  Here's a great domain for a gay adult directory just like PersianKitty. The gay adult market on the Internet is really getting big and there's a need for a cutting edge directory for gay sites & gay interests. The site will get great press and publicity, especially in gay publications, ezines, newsgroups, chat forums, and Web sites. Here's a good article on Persian Kitty:

4. Podcast Adult content. Podcasting sex is just getting started and is going to be huge, - take a look at a couple of recent articles:

I have this Podcast adult content for sale:

a. Hundreds of nasty recorded audio sex stories by young hot girls in both English AND SPANISH!
b. Domain name -
c. Layout, graphics, text etc. for a podcaster content site.
d. Lots of pictures of horny girls.

If interested please get in touch.

Michael Banks
mbanks [at] persianpuppy [dot] com
Phone:(805) 569-2678