Here's the ultra-thin iPhone charger we've all been waiting for. A charging 'cable' that fits in your wallet! About the same size as a credit card, the Card Charger tucks away in your wallet, purse, or pocket ready to deliver power whenever you need it, and if you're like the rest of us, sooner or later you will need it!

It does everything your old charger cable did – powers up your phone, transfers files, downloads videos, delivers music, etc. Plug it into your phone and a hot USB port, and you're good to go! Works with any USB port including your car's cigarette lighter.

At some point in every cell user's life there's a moment of panic when your battery is dying and a charge is nowhere in sight. You need to make an important call, but no go! This is where the Card Charger comes in. This compact, convenient charging device is sure to give you peace of mind knowing you always have access to power. Works with battery cases, digital cameras, tablets, portable hard drives and anything else a Micro USB cable works with.

Here's what people are saying
about the Card Charger:

'Great in a pinch'

'Very convenient!'

'Super thin and easy to use'

'Saved my bacon more than once!'

'Good insurance - glad I've got it'

'Very cool - it's a keeper!'

'No more cables for me!'

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