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.....Home of the most cost-efficient travel package anywhere! We’ve put together several wonderful programs that include all the fun things you’re looking for when you travel -- cruises, hotels, airfare discounts, time-shares, condominiums, outdoor adventures, exciting cities, top resorts…and lots more…all at truly great prices.

.....How do we do it? Because hotels, cruise lines, airlines and destination resorts fail to sell out most of the time. They operate more efficiently at or near full capacity and they’re willing to fill up empty space, even if it has to be at a substantial discount. Besides, the more happy customers they accommodate, the more future business they generate via extended stays, repeat visitors and word of mouth.

.....That’s where we come in, helping the travel industry and the vacation-loving public all at the same time. Love to Travel Club takes advantage of excess travel industry inventory with large volume buying -- and passes the savings along to you. Our Premier Love to Travel Club package gives two people a whole year’s worth of free vacations and excellent travel bargains for the low price of $499. And that’s total, for two, not per person.

..... Take a look at the highlights of the Premier Package
$ 499 for two!

* FREE! 3 day/3 night cruise to the Bahamas or Ensenada, Mexico
* FREE! 7 separate two night hotel mini vacations. Choice of over 40 top resorts in North America
* 4 separate condominium or time share weeks at 30% to 50% off normal weekly rental rates. Over 1,000 properties worldwide.
* FREE! Companion airfare with paid ticket. (Buy one, get one free.)
* $500 in air travel discount coupons
* 50% off room rates at over 3,000 hotels in the USA, Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean
* Two-for-one greens fees and other discounts at over 1,000 golf courses
* Car, motorcycle and motor home rental discounts
* Hundreds of outdoor excursion, park admission and activity discounts
* 30 day full money back guarantee

.....And much MUCH more!

.....Any one of the major elements of this package is worth substantially more than the $499 price you pay. Take a few vacations and save thousands of dollars. Take the time to go through the Love to Travel Club website and thoroughly review all the details of this exceptional travel offer.

Once you join, you’ll receive the Love to Travel Club Vacation Portfolio with full details, photos and brochures on each one of our vacations and travel discounts, reservation procedures, plus a helpful video that explains the range of vacations that are yours to enjoy. After reviewing the package, if you feel this is not for you, you may return the portfolio within 30 days to receive a full refund.

Remember, we’re taking advantage of volume buying and excess travel industry inventory to obtain these remarkable discounts and pass them along to you.

You will have to do a little work on your end to enjoy these valuable vacations. For example, you’ll need to book most vacations 30 to 60 days in advance. And you’ll have to avoid high season (most spring and summer months) on the cruises or at some of the resorts -- or else pay higher prices.

It’s all part of the basic theory here -- saving big money by taking vacations when the purveyors are not at 100% capacity.

Take a look at our website, then call one of our friendly Vacation Specialists. We’ll be glad to answer any questions you may have and sign you up for the best travel opportunity available today!

.....Bon Voyage!


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