The Jumper Pod The Solar Power Charger you carry on your Keychain

Introducing the Jumper Pod, the elegant little 'power jewel' you carry on your keychain to charge your phone and your other digital devices. Only slightly larger than your house key, the Jumper Pod features a USB coupling and 2 of the most popular digital connectors, providing power from any USB port or its own on-board battery. It gives you enough power for an emergency 'juice-boost' until you can get to a USB port or your car, where you can recharge both your battery and your phone. And guess what - the Jumper Pod can be charged by the sun!

Developed for the iPhone, iPad and Android users alike, the Jumper Pod holds about an hour of power. When your phone begins to fade, you can use the Jumper Pod to continue making calls, transferring data, grabbing files, playing games, downloading videos & swapping music. It can charge and sync your phone at the same time, and features little status lights to let you know when it's charging and when the charge is completed.


Your Phone - Your Gateway to the World!

Your phone is your most important accessory, but with the battery draining every minute you need to carry backup power. Why hassle with cables and battery packs? What you need is a handy little charging device that fits on your keychain that can power up your phone anytime, anywhere!

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