Hello - My name is Kathryn Powers, and I've been making terrific money from my home the past 4 years buying beautiful products from native artisans all over the world and selling them to hungry buyers. Not only am I making great money, I’m helping disadvantaged people in little towns and villages all over the world find a better life.

    I buy products made by talented craftspeople and artisans dirt cheap in places like Africa, Laos, Bali and Thailand and sell them on eBay, my web site, to wholesalers, vendors, trade shows etc for healthy profits. Markups of 100% – 200% – even 1,000% are not uncommon!

    Traveling isn’t necessary – I do my business on the Internet, email, phone and postal mail. If you like to travel while making good money, this business is a dream come true!

    Wool sweaters from Peru, Batik prints from Bali, jewelery from Nepal, silk purses from Indonesia, pottery, artwork, clothing, rugs, tapestries, toys, fabrics, and accessories from throughout the world are all out there waiting to be “discovered” and offered to a huge hungry market.

    I’ve gotten to the point where these treasures are now finding me, through travelers, the Internet, word of mouth and the artisans themselves. Day after day I’m offered the most astounding bargains, which I sell through the relationships and vendors I’ve developed.

    I’ve spent the past 9 months writing a book called ”Importing Village Treasures” that spells out how it all works, and includes everything you need to start in business yourself. It’s in plain English, and I guide you every step of the way. It includes absolutely everything you need to start making good, honest money from your home, and lots of it! How to find these treasures, how and where to sell them, pricing, markups, payment processing, shipping, success stories, etc., etc., and chapter after chapter of resources, contacts & phone numbers.

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