Flea Blasters Nature's Powder -

Organic, natural flea and tick control!

Protect your dog and cat from fleas and ticks - not with toxic poison or dangerous chemicals, but with safe organic Natural Powder.

It's perfectly safe for pets and people, but kills fleas and ticks DEAD!

FleaBlasters Nature's Powder is an organic, natural flea control product for the quick elimination of fleas and ticks, and is effective for weeks. Simply dust your pet & sprinkle where insects track through it. It strips away their protective wax coating and causes them to shrivel and die.

Fleas can spread worms and diseases, so keeping your pet free of these nasty and dangerous bloodsuckers needs to be a top priority! Comprised of safe, EPA approved ingredients, our exclusive formula provides a simple, natural, and EFFECTIVE way of eliminating these parasites and keeping your pets safe and healthy.