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   Pay Per Call is the newest, most effective marketing model on the Internet today. It enables consumers looking for products and services to call your business even if you don't have a website or your site is seldom seen. Ads appear in the search results people are looking for and feature a toll-free number that forwards directly to your business phone. You pay only when a prospective customer calls you. 

The benefits of CallBuyers.com Pay Per Call -

*  Prospective customers call you!
*  You pay only for results
*  There's no signup fee
*  You don't need a web site
*  There is no click fraud
*  Calls are free
*  Credit card payments are safe
*  No complicated, expensive online marketing
*  No hidden or extra charges
*  Barriers to entry are low - all you need is a phone
*  Capture caller info even if they hang up
*  Buyers can get details about shipping, specials, colors, sizes etc.
*  You can pause your ad listings anytime
*  Day-parting, call forwarding, call recording, call scheduling &
   geo-targeting are available
*  Call tracking, reporting and management is included

These services and many more are included in our Pay Per Call campaigns.

   Nearly 70 percent of all businesses in the U.S. don't have a Web site, and the majority of those that do receive very little response from their sites, which are rarely found. Advertisers don't have the knowledge, time, money or interest to managing pay-per-click campaigns, which aren't all that effective anyway. Studies show that less than 3% of pay per CLICK visitors actually wind up purchasing. In contrast, pay per CALL advertisers are converting 1 in 3 incoming calls on average, proving that phone call customers are far closer to the purchase point.

   Consumers are comfortable calling toll-free numbers to buy products and get information - they've been doing it for years. Pay-per-call simply takes the next logical step - merging the power and reach of the Internet with the good old-fashioned, personal touch of a phone call.

   When you realistically assess what you're paying now to acquire new customers with traditional advertising you'll see how cost-effective Pay Per Call marketing can be!
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